Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gin o'clock #3

La Petit Anglaise

Today had a decidedly Gallic theme, I went for Essie’s Sand Tropez as a chic accompaniment to Russell and Bromley’s Paris bag in burgundy, gin wise I’m back on the Waitrose cheap stuff. 

I must confess I recently invested in a second R&B Paris bag, in black. As my mother always says, sometimes you have to be extravagant.

The twins...


I am a little bit concerned that the size of my handbag armoire is becoming insufficient. By the time I stuff them with tissue paper and tuck them into their dustbags there simply is not enough space, and I do hate to squish. My current solution is to let one sleep next to me on handbag pedestal (or, bedside table to use layman's terms) I do this on a rotation basis, I find them a comforting presence to wake up to.

Seems everyone’s got something to say about Maggie Thatcher this week so I thought I would throw my twopence in too- she knew her way around a handbag and she died in the Ritz, what a great epitaph.

Also, has anyone else looked at the Anna Wintour’s ebay donations, honestly, whadda load of old crap.

Is she taking the piss? New without tags? See you in the Resolution Centre Anna!

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  1. Wow! These bags are very good. I am searching from so long for handbags and found nothing. Surprisingly, my husband bought a handbag for me. He saw that i always used Louis Vuitton bags so this time he got different one for me.