Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gin o'clock #2

Jacky has a headache so I've enlisted Jo while my paws dry (I haven't changed the colour since yesterday, it's still Essie's 'In stitches', I've just touched up the tips). I'm sipping Hendricks, controversially with lemon - not cucumber. 'What's the point in choosing Hendricks?' I hear you ask.  Dunno - I ran out of the cheap stuff. Sometimes I choose to be classy, sometimes I have class thrust upon me.

Today my ship really came in big style. As I understand it, the good people of Easyjet gave me €400 in return for a slightly lengthy wait in Rome airport. So naturally, I hot footed it straight to Russell & Bromley and picked up the latest addition to my handbag family. 'Quilty' (its name)

But it hasn't all been gin and handbags! I hosted a wedding this morning, followed by lunch on Budleigh Salterton beach (went halfsies with my Dad on a sausage panini), nipped out to Russell and Bromley to purchase my handbag (courtesy of Easyjet), sold a fish tank, now squeezing in a bit of blogging and gin o'clock before a night on the lash at Exeter Cavern later. I. Am. Pooped.

I just had a look at my page views and it's alarming. Who the hell are you people? Especially that one person from the Netherlands.

So here I am, 8pm, four gins in. ('Will you make it to the cavern?' asks Jack) On that note, today's development is, if you have two glasses on the go, you can send one to be refilled wile you finish the other. I am a very deep person.

Anyway, nails are dry - so off I pop. Shout out to my peep, in the Netherlands. I'll leave you with this picture of the 'holy trinity' (gin, handbag and nail polish).  As I said, didn't have time to change my nail colour, just touched up the tips. But in my picture of the holy trinity you will see Essie's 'Bordeaux', which is what I would have painted them if I hadn't had such a hectic day. Deal with it.

I need a wee, I hope my nails are actually dry.

Old people on bikes. What's that about? As a solution to all this animal cruelty biz, change to 'Gran National' and race old people instead. Same amount of heart attacks, but at least the RSPCA would be happy.


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