Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gin O’Clock #4 - the Mother Ship

Muslims have Mecca,  I have the Plymouth Gin Factory.

It has been the ‘to do’ list for a while and I finally made it. As Feta is to Feta, ham is to Parma, and Buffalo Mozzarella is to Buffalos so is Gin to Plymouth.
There was some debate as to which tour we should opt for, the £40 Master Distillers Tour which involves two and a half hours of gin fuelled fun including the chance to take home a 200ml bottle of you own recipe. Didn’t go for this on the grounds that 200ml is a joke, I’ve got bigger, more alcoholic and possibly tastier bottles of nail polish remover. The other option was the Gin Connoisseurs Tour (£20) which includes an opportunity to compare and contrast a number of gins in a tasting session…this was more tempting. In the end we decided we’d get the most bang for Jacky’s buck to go with the £7, no frills distillery tour and then buy a litre bottle in the gift shop at the end. I have to say je ne regrette rien.

Highlights included:

- Discovering juniper berries. I don’t mean to sound like Bryn, but you literally crush them and they smell of gin, its marvellous! I don’t understand why no one is selling juniper juice? I could have it for breakfast before moving on to the hard stuff.

- The tasting session. I have never tried sloe gin before. It did taste a lot like cough syrup but I’m told it is very pleasant mixed with lemonade and a good accompaniment to cheese.

- The free g&t in the gin bar at the end of the tour, even better that Jacky was driving and couldn’t drink his.

- Jacky, who thought he hated gin, discovered he was quite partial to a gimlet. This has opened up a world of opportunities for our relationship.

- ‘Surprise’ bottle of gin Jacky got me when I accidently-on-purpose picked an opportune moment to nip to the loo when he was in the gift shop :)

Serious issues that the Plymouth Gin Factory need to address before I return:

- They are not handbag friendly people at all. Just as it is probably would not be acceptable to ask a blind person to ditch the dog, it is not acceptable to ask me to store my handbag in a locker. Not only is it not acceptable to ask me to store my handbag in a locker, but it is very very unacceptable to then provide  a teeny tiny little thing that would cause handle crushage. The tour guide lady’s solution to this was to ‘stick my bag somewhere safe’. This was followed by totes awks, elongated pause as she went to take the handle, and I refused to let go before catching a glimpse of Jacky’s please-don’t-make-a-scene face. So no, I did not have a hissy-fit (saved it for the car journey home).  If you too are planning a visit my main recommendation would be to make sure you bring a small handbag, and dustbag obvs.

Additional Point:

- They make you touch a metal bar before you go in so your static doesn’t blow the place up, well random. Someone should tell the airports, would save a lot of time at security.

Final Plea:

- Can everyone please plant a Juniper bush, this fungal infection sounds bare destructive.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Aperol Spritz O’Clock

Hello, I am back. Apologies for being an unreliable blogger, I have been pre-occupied with enjoying the heat wave.

Heat waves can be hazardous for the handbag lover. I still haven’t quite recovered from the trauma of my last trip to Venice when on a particularly hot day I thought the navy dye from my Jaegar bowling bag was transferring on to my arm… Following a furious rubbing session with a packet of ‘wet ones’ in the middle of the Zaterre I was relieved to discover it was in fact just a vein. Should have known it would be my crummy Irish gene bank at fault and not Jaegar.  Still, the whole experience did serve as a reality check and made me realise that perhaps in extreme heat, leather is not the best option, don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind and cracked out a canvas tote (yawn). Cue this little number:

*Temporarily branched out to Aperol Spritz as my go to heat wave beverage, Jacky’s got the ratio of Aperol to Prosecco nailed. It is well nice.
I’ve even managed to choose my spritziest polish in homage to the change- OPI, Are We There Yet?

I know I know… Gin to Aperol, Essie to OPI where have my loyalties gone? Totes blame heat wave induced insanity.

I am stink excited about tonight’s Apprentice Final! This is my Eurovision. The celebrations will be kicking off as soon as I get home. I am not one to make flippant comments but I put my handbag collection on Louisa to win. It is literally cake vs. poison (well, botox)- as they say in bizness it’s a no brainer. Sugars blates going to go for cakes. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gin o'clock #3

La Petit Anglaise

Today had a decidedly Gallic theme, I went for Essie’s Sand Tropez as a chic accompaniment to Russell and Bromley’s Paris bag in burgundy, gin wise I’m back on the Waitrose cheap stuff. 

I must confess I recently invested in a second R&B Paris bag, in black. As my mother always says, sometimes you have to be extravagant.

The twins...


I am a little bit concerned that the size of my handbag armoire is becoming insufficient. By the time I stuff them with tissue paper and tuck them into their dustbags there simply is not enough space, and I do hate to squish. My current solution is to let one sleep next to me on handbag pedestal (or, bedside table to use layman's terms) I do this on a rotation basis, I find them a comforting presence to wake up to.

Seems everyone’s got something to say about Maggie Thatcher this week so I thought I would throw my twopence in too- she knew her way around a handbag and she died in the Ritz, what a great epitaph.

Also, has anyone else looked at the Anna Wintour’s ebay donations, honestly, whadda load of old crap.

Is she taking the piss? New without tags? See you in the Resolution Centre Anna!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gin o'clock #2

Jacky has a headache so I've enlisted Jo while my paws dry (I haven't changed the colour since yesterday, it's still Essie's 'In stitches', I've just touched up the tips). I'm sipping Hendricks, controversially with lemon - not cucumber. 'What's the point in choosing Hendricks?' I hear you ask.  Dunno - I ran out of the cheap stuff. Sometimes I choose to be classy, sometimes I have class thrust upon me.

Today my ship really came in big style. As I understand it, the good people of Easyjet gave me €400 in return for a slightly lengthy wait in Rome airport. So naturally, I hot footed it straight to Russell & Bromley and picked up the latest addition to my handbag family. 'Quilty' (its name)

But it hasn't all been gin and handbags! I hosted a wedding this morning, followed by lunch on Budleigh Salterton beach (went halfsies with my Dad on a sausage panini), nipped out to Russell and Bromley to purchase my handbag (courtesy of Easyjet), sold a fish tank, now squeezing in a bit of blogging and gin o'clock before a night on the lash at Exeter Cavern later. I. Am. Pooped.

I just had a look at my page views and it's alarming. Who the hell are you people? Especially that one person from the Netherlands.

So here I am, 8pm, four gins in. ('Will you make it to the cavern?' asks Jack) On that note, today's development is, if you have two glasses on the go, you can send one to be refilled wile you finish the other. I am a very deep person.

Anyway, nails are dry - so off I pop. Shout out to my peep, in the Netherlands. I'll leave you with this picture of the 'holy trinity' (gin, handbag and nail polish).  As I said, didn't have time to change my nail colour, just touched up the tips. But in my picture of the holy trinity you will see Essie's 'Bordeaux', which is what I would have painted them if I hadn't had such a hectic day. Deal with it.

I need a wee, I hope my nails are actually dry.

Old people on bikes. What's that about? As a solution to all this animal cruelty biz, change to 'Gran National' and race old people instead. Same amount of heart attacks, but at least the RSPCA would be happy.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Gin o'clock #1

So, a little bit later than I'd like to be tonight: owing to a rather hectic afternoon and a late lunch/burger, but here I am! Finally G&T in hand and drying my nails.

Tonight I have gone for a generous measure of Bombay Sapphire, dash of tonic (slimline, lets not go mental), slice of lemon and a good bit of ice. I have recently become a fan of having a lot of ice in my gin. I know what you are thinking- doesn't that displace valuable gin space? That's what I thought too, until I had the epiphany that ice keeps ice cold so therefore it melts slower and dilutes the drink less. I just had to buy bigger glasses.

As I mentioned previously, I like to multi-task with gin drinking and nail painting. Todays colour is a failsafe, Essie's 'In Stiches'. A lovely autumnal dusky pink with brown hues. I think what I like most about this shade is the fine line it treds, managing to be both a light and a dark at the same time. Tonight I had quite a large gin and went for three coats, it's been a long day.

Also, should we be worried about North Korea?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gin o'clock

Everyday at 6pm (3pm on weekends and bank holidays) I will be posting my thought for the day over a nice G&T while I paint my nails. I have enlisted the help of Jacky to do the typing.

See you at 6 Gin and Handbag lovers!


I like this one